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We have been through over twenty years of development since the establishment of Hing Kei in 1988. It has been really a long time. With the inclusive spirit that is unwilling to be eliminated by the market and the acceptance of all, Hing Kei people are diligent and enterprising to pursue the tide of capital in the ever-changing situation and waiting for the chance of improvement in profound accumulation. Today, Hing Kei Group has formed a mutually-promoted situation with five main ranges of business including manufacturing, trade and logistics, metal recycling, financial investment and real estate. It has established wide range of marketing networks in the whole country, even in the world. It has achieved a leap in scales and quality in all aspects covering capital, talents, service and the extension of industrial chains. The group has also successfully turned marketing brand into brand marketing.

It can be also said that this twenty years is short. Hing Kei staffs have aimed high. The limited resources become unlimited because of circulation and integration, which leads to sustainable development. It is the long-term target of Hing Kei Group to become an important channel and acceleration engine for the optimization of metal resources in China and even the world. Hing Kei Group will face with the experience of time and history. Under the national strategic requirements to promote resource development and accelerate the development of recycling economy, the company takes roots in the domestic market and focuses on the international market to implement price and efficiency priority strategies, deepens and elaborates the management and operation mode innovation and aims to become a metal trade group company with global competitive force.

“Never get rusted and still stand in forging.” This is not only the attributes of metals, but also the soul of Hing Kei Group formed during twenty years of development. Looking into the future, there are unlimited business opportunities contained in China’s non-ferrous markets. Hing Kei Group is sincerely expecting to cooperate with all traders in the society for mutual benefits!