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Non-ferrous Metals Trading Business

Hing Kei Group starts trading and logistic business in 2006,  after years of exploration, Hing Kei combined business model with stock and futures operation. Non-ferrous metals business platforms were established in Nanhai and Shanghai, in order to operate metal trading business. As an entrepot trade platform, Hong Kong subsidiary promoted global non-ferrous metal recycling system of renewable resources. Meanwhile, Hing Kei Group has established risk control centers, avoided the risk and price volatility effectively.


Hing Kei insists on business ideal which is “Professionlal establishes reputation, to create Hing Kei brand". Based on a long-term period, the group uses the advantages of finance and trade center, shipping center, the geographic center from Shanghai, through the tireless efforts of the team, serves the specialized industrial investment and investment management, provides accurate market trend analysis consulting, to come out personalized investment and futures arbitrage programs. Meanwhile, Hing Kei operates domestic stock trading and import/export trading business in copper, zinc, aluminum and other nonferrous metals spot.


After years of operation by pioneering cadres, Hing Kei now owns a wide range of commodity information network and customer base. It has won numerous national even global manufacturers’ trusts and praises. Hing Kei will gradually become the largest trade logistic companies in the world.